AISNE Provides Development Opportunities for New England Educators

Since 1994, John C. Littleford has led Littleford & Associates, a Louisiana-based firm that provides customized management consulting services to companies, schools, and nonprofit organizations around the world. Recently, John Littleford presented a full-day conference on board governance to the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE).

As an organization dedicated to improving the independent schools it serves, AISNE strives to create opportunities for teachers to enhance their professional practice. In fact, one of AISNE’s main service offerings is its professional development program, which provides individuals working in AISNE schools with a range of events and activities that are designed to improve instructional techniques and increase teacher understanding of important educational concepts.

AISNE’s professional development program also ensures that high-quality professional development opportunities are available within its member schools’ communities. In doing so, AISNE saves schools and educators both the time and money that is often spent attending national events.

Each year, the organization offers around 40 different professional development events, including webinars, workshops, and conferences. Currently, AISNE has a number of development opportunities scheduled for the upcoming months, covering topics ranging from curriculum and diversity to technology and school governance.