Littleford & Associates Services

by John C. Littleford

As Founder of Littleford & Associates, I provide management consulting to independent and international schools, nonprofit organizations, and other companies. At Littleford & Associates, we conduct executive searches for heads and interim heads of schools and nonprofit organizations. When working with these institutions, we strive to gain an in-depth knowledge of the culture unique to each one. As a result, the services my company provides are finely tailored to meet individual needs. This approach also draws upon Littleford & Associates’ extensive knowledge of school head and nonprofit CEO compensation packages, gained over the course of more than two decades in the business.
I always emphasize to clients that Littleford & Associates does not simply offer placement services. Our executive searches are highly tailored to the strengths and challenges of each organization. This is why we take on a maximum of five searches per year, ensuring that each client gets the utmost attention, counsel and ongoing contact throughout the entire process. We screen candidates carefully for the correct fit with the organization. As Senior Partner of Littleford & Associates, I do not delegate these highly important tasks to other members of the Firm. This has been the case for more than 20 years.

One of the key tools I offer institutions searching for a CEO or head is an extensive database of experienced individuals qualified and willing to serve on either an interim or permanent basis. I do not draw constantly on the same “stable” of candidates. I advise the institution on the candidate screening, interview, and selection processes in a way that is sensitive, constructive, and effective. I guide the client in designing an appropriate compensation package to land the candidate of choice and that takes into consideration both the needs of the candidate and his/her family and the client’s budget. All stages of the executive search process are handled with absolute confidentiality and discretion. For further information on the range of services offered at Littleford & Associates, visit our website at


Mission-Based Teacher Compensation

Establishing a faculty compensation system and salary delivery method is a challenge for any independent or international school especially since the goals of teachers, boards, and heads are not always in sync. The first step is to assess the present health of the faculty culture and the basic level of trust placed in the school’s administration. This serves as the context for all future decisions about faculty compensation going forward. The next step is to analyze the current salary system and importantly, the underlying message that it sends to faculty. What is the basic philosophy behind the school’s current system and why did the system evolve in the way that it did? Also, does the system benefit any specific age group or experience level above another? Next, it is important to scrutinize the ways in which some faculty members attempt to maneuver around the current compensation system in order to earn extra pay. These include taking on titles that boost pay but may not really represent additional work that is commensurate with the extra pay: stipends for additional responsibilities (small and large); and tutoring (a “cottage industry” in some schools). After all of these contributing factors are considered, it is time to plan for future changes in compensation structures and delivery systems. The faculty compensation planning process should involve faculty members, board members, and administration. Discussions should never push towards a preconceived outcome but instead, work towards change that satisfies the needs and goals of all parties.