John C. Littleford – Executive Searches with Littleford and Associates

For more than 45 years, John C. Littleford has dedicated himself to improving independent schools throughout the world. Since 1992, John Littleford has served as a full-time consultant with Littleford & Associates. Among his many responsibilities, he performs executive searches for non-profit organizations, including cultural programs, zoos, and charitable foundations.

Non-profits groups looking for new executives often consult Littleford & Associates for guidance to help them find leaders that suit their expectations and culture. The staff recognizes the difficulty of this challenge, as non-profits must consider organizational structure as well as political concerns among the entity’s current members. Additionally, the firm understands compensation and safe harbor matters across a myriad of non-profit organizations.

When hired, Littleford & Associates embarks on an in-depth analysis for the client. John Littleford interviews its constituents so he can learn about their needs and recommend the best candidate for the open position. Rather than relying on a database of resumes, the Firm searches nationally for talented executives who believe in the client’s mission. Additionally, the Firm interacts with new hires and their families throughout the transition process to make sure the transition is smooth. However, due to the comprehensive nature of the process, Littleford & Associates only accepts between three to five of these assignments annually.


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